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The world economic crisis resulting from the pandemic has affected almost all countries in the world. The recovery is now expected in most regions, thanks to a catch up effect, expectations of a vaccine and very supportive fiscal policies.The crisis will nevertheless have lasting effects. It will bring or accelerate structural changes and will impact trade in several ways. Geopolitical tensions and a new US administration create further uncertainties. In this paper we briefly discuss some of these issues:

  • Changes in supply chains
  • Employment and consumption
  • Public deficits and “Zombie” companies
  • Geopolitical tensions
  • Biden administration
  • Oil and commodity prices
  • Conclusions
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Thursday, 20 August 2020 06:08

Optimistic Economic Recovery in Southeast Asia

Despite the challenging economic conditions, many Southeast Asian countries have been looking ahead optimistically while planning for recovery.

While dire news of Southeast Asian economies has lined newsfeeds the past months, many remain optimistic regarding the outlook of economic recovery. As global production lines recommence operations, the multiple sources predicts that countries in the region will rebound in the upcoming months.

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  • Time to move beyond frauds
    Time to move beyond frauds

    Join Mitigram's Head of Asia Johan Egnell discussing the latest Trade Finance developments in Asia with Sales Director Toh Bee Lian.

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    • Date Wednesday, 11 August 2021
    • Time 3:30PM SGT
    • Duration 45 minutes
    • Speakers Johan Egnell, Head of Asia and Toh Bee Lian, Sales Director
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