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Ep.7 - Trade Finance Podcast hosted by TXF

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Katharine Morton - Head of Trade, Treasury & Risk at TXF - interviews the UK “dream team” of Mitigram: Managing Director Joshua Cohen and Sales Directors John Treasure and Pepi Bedi.

In this episode:

  • 0:55 - How do you see trade in the post-Brexit UK and how digitalisation is going to help making things better?
  • 3:15 - What is the status of digitalisation in trade?
  • 4:40 - Where is digitalisation is helping the most in making things better?
  • 6:45 - How is interoperability going to help if there is rationalisation in the European banking sector? What about the UK post Brexit?
  • 9:00 - Brexit rationalisation for Financial Institutions.
  • 11:15 - Legal framework for regulation.
  • 14:02 - The role of AI and data digitalisation.
  • 18:11 - Is there going to be a standardisation in Trade Finance digitalisation?
  • 19:12 - Are businesses reluctant to digitalise?
  • 21:31 - How to avoid siloed systems?
  • 24:40 - Can digitalisation entirely replace human work?
  • 30:08 - What are the most exciting parts of digitalisation in Trade Finance?

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    Time to move beyond frauds

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    • Time 3:30PM SGT
    • Duration 45 minutes
    • Speakers Johan Egnell, Head of Asia and Toh Bee Lian, Sales Director
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